20 Life Philosophy Salvation

Am I Saved?

Jedidiah Gabriel


May 11, 2022

Photo by 7inchs from Pexel

The truth is more evident in nature than in some religious books. I feel scientists are more truth-seekers than most religious leaders. All I’ve been thought by some religious leaders is to come to conclusion before a cul de sac, to be scared to ask radical questions, and yet it advocates, “the truth will set me free.” I’ve been freer to question a lot of things than when I was religious. We all can’t be so sure that our religious book couldn’t have undergone alteration through translation, or through human bias, and the claims that certain men were inspired by God should be heavily scrutinized, and the proofs should be the basis of any religion, not sentiment. ‘Cause I feel heavily inspired by God as well, FR.

This Is Just My Belief

I remember someone telling me some time ago that I am not saved, after telling him what I think about Christianity he didn’t let me finish before he tried to scare me about hell. I didn’t care ’cause I know he’s in someone’s hell. And really, I am so free to jump on different religions and point out certain axioms in them which is more unifying. Like my favorite saying in the bible is, "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, not the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all." I see this every time being evident in nature, and I think you do, even if it’s not frequent—but nothing is absolute except the truth. All I believe in is unifying us with truisms that are self-evident regardless of the source, it could be from the Satanic Bible, Christian Bible, Qur’an, or a Science journal . . .. If we really study God’s work it should be from his creations, and everything is? And nothing should be despised. Everything is God’s creation, right? Even atoms? Just as every atomic element differs, but still the strongest atomic bonds we have, share electrons. We all can be different and know the truth if we’re willing. And yet, we all agree the sun sets, except those in Arkham. Some people say God is indescribable but still describe him to fit their desire.

The End

Sometimes, I wonder why I’m even writing this—do I even believe in God? My God! That’s a tough one, do I even know You? I’ll keep chasing the truth. But some people have nothing but God. And making all excuses, my brain can cook that. So, some things will be left out. I’m truly lost in the wonders of this vast space, I call my planet. We all could learn to love one another that’s one of the most transcendental feelings I’ve felt. I am only writing to communicate, and all that we think we know is nothing but perspective.